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This New Life

”This New Life” is a weekly 29 minute TV program produced by Gospel Outreach Ministries. It is broadcast four times weekly in primetime (Friday/Saturday) via a Christian Channel that is sending over the satellite Asia SAT-7.  Target group is the Middle East, parts of Asia and parts of North Africa. Population is 800 million potential viewers, and some of the nations are considered some of the most unreached nations on earth regarding the Gospel.

Besides sending our show on satellite every week, we put it on our own YouTube channel too, and we are sending it on a Christian TV Channel in Norway called Kanal10. Our goal is to reach as many people with the Gospel all over the world.

Check Out Our YouTube Channel


Every week a new episode of “This New Life” is being broadcasted, but we also post it to our YouTube channel, and you can follow along and share the messages with others through our channel.

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